Mini Pies and Treats


 Coconut Cream Pie  $4.35
  Chocolate Cream Pie $4.35
  Cheesecake $3.75
 Cream Horns  $2.60
Key Lime Pie $4.40
Apple Pie w/ crumble topping $5.25
Peanutbutter Pie $4.75
Creme Brulee. $3.60
Peanutbutter bars $3.00

Seasonal Eats!

 Lemon Cream Pie Spring  $4.40
 Fruit Tarts Summer  $5.25
 Butterscotch Cream Pie Autumn  $4.35
Mini Pumpkin Pie Autumn  $3.75
 Mini Pecan Pie Winter  $3.85

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PeanutButter Bars!

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