Valentine’s Day Specials 2017

This year at The Bakery On Main in Morehead, KY located on Main st. right next to Pasquale’s Pizza and Subs we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with several delicious treats!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries $2 ea $10 for 6 or $18 per dozen

Chocolate Covered Grape Sticks $5 each or 3 for $12

Choose from Milk, White or Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Covered Sugar Cookie Hearts on a Stick $1.25 ea for Small or $2 ea for Large Buy 12 and save 10% off!!!

Heart Shaped Mousse Cake (sized for one or two to share) $9 each

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake $6.50 each





What makes our Chocolate covered strawberries and grapes better than the competition?

We pick the freshest, juiciest strawberries and the plumpest grapes available.
Our head chefs temper the finest Belgium chocolate, on site.

Tempering chocolate is an age old technique that requires great finesse, skill and attention to detail. It is the only way to achieve the glossy shine and crisp snap you equate with chocolate covered strawberries.

Properly tempered chocolate doesn’t melt quite as easily on your fingers as improperly tempered chocolate. It’s a difference you can see, feel and taste –NO paraffin wax! No franken-foods, just pure Belgium chocolate coating fresh juicy strawberries!
Choose from Dark, White or Milk Chocolate covered Strawberries or Grapes. 


Don’t be shy, chocolate covered grapes are scrumptious and delightful, they come stacked on a stick and coated in chocolate; these are a most popular confection at street fairs in Europe, brought to Morehead, KY by The Bakery on Main!