Friday February 19th @thebakeryonmain

Today is a busy day @thebakeryonmain. Aside from staying active on social media (Instagram, twitter and Facebook because we all know how hard that can be 🙂

We have been working hard all morning to bring you freshly baked goods, pastries, cookies, breads, pies and cupcakes.

But the best part of Fridays @thebakeryonmain is that we made DONUTS


And for lunch today we’re serving up or delicious BLTs for lunch. Come get one! And we’re offering AVOCADOS on our BLTs….BLATs?



BLTs for lunch today!

Today Thursday February 18th we are serving up or delicious BLTs for lunch. Come get one! And for today only we’re offering AVOCADOS on our BLTs….BLATs?

We have a full lunch menu for this beautiful Saturday! So if you are out and about and you need to grab a bite, we’ve got you covered!!

Roast Beef sandwich on a toasted challah roll with onion and poppy seeds.

Chipoltle Chicken Sandwich on freshly baked white or wheat bread applewood smoked bacon and havarti cheese

Grilled Egg Salad Sandwiches (ungrilled by request)

Chicken Salad Sandwich on croissant or white or wheat bread

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, havarti, jalapeno havarti, chipoltle gouda, American cheese, or smokey ghost pepper jack

Chicken Pot Pies (pre order an hour in advance)


Veggie Beef or Chicken n’ Dumplins!

Happy Valentines day!

It’s just around the corner folks!

 Check out Valentines Day Specials à la The Bakery On Main:

*~Pre-Order discounts! Only until Tuesday February 9th

don’t delay reserve yours today!~*
On Friday February 12th and Saturday the 13th only, we’re doling out all kinds of goodies for you and your valentine:
Heart shaped iced sugar cookies
Enticing Heart shaped filled donuts
Luscious, mouth-watering chocolate covered strawberries and grapes (of course)
How about a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake?

All packaged elegantly for the perfect presentation

Wait – it gets even better!

*~Pre-Order discounts! Only until February 9th don’t delay reserve yours today!~*
One dozen chocolate covered strawberries only $16 pre-ordered (regular $18)
3 – pack of our classic chocolate covered grape sticks for $12 (regular $5 each, save $3)
One dozen Heart-shaped-filled-donuts packaged beautifully in a pink donut box with a scalloped window $17.95 (regular $19.95 per dozen)
These items are special and will not last long. Pre ordering doesn’t just save you money, but it GUARANTEES that you get what you want!

Chocolate covered strawberries and grapes
We pick the freshest, juiciest strawberries and the plumpest grapes available.
Our head chefs temper the finest Belgium chocolate, on site.

Tempering chocolate is an age old technique that requires great finesse, skill and attention to detail. It is the only way to achieve the glossy shine and crisp snap you equate with chocolate covered strawberries.

Properly tempered chocolate doesn’t melt quite as easily on your fingers as improperly tempered chocolate. It’s a difference you can see, feel and taste – NO paraffin wax!
Choose from Dark, White or Milk Chocolate covered Strawberries or Grapes.
Don’t be shy, chocolate covered grapes are scrumptious and delightful, they come stacked on a stick and coated in chocolate; these are a most popular confection at street fairs in Europe, brought to Morehead, KY by The Bakery on Main!
Strawberries: $2 each; $10 ½ dozen or $18 for a full dozen.
Grape Sticks: $5 per stick – but wait:

PRE-ORDER yours by February 9th and you can get:
a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for only $16
a 3–pack of grape sticks for only $12, try milk, dark and white in one pack!

For the first time ever we are selling a packaged deal of 6 chocolate covered strawberries in a beautiful heart shaped box with a bow!

Cream of Mushroom Soup; Red Beans and Rice; Grilled Cheese; Chicken Salad and our Roast Beef on Challah Buns 🙂

Holiday Orders

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Check out our Specialty Items page for some ideas

Place your orders ASAP for full size 9″ pies; such as Pumpkin, Pecan or Apple, Chocolate Cream, Butterscotch Cream Pies, Coconut Cream, Key Lime…the list goes on!
Don’t forget to let us know how many dozens of rolls you want: White, Wheat, Herb or Kolache rolls….
We all know you’ll need at least a couple of loaves of Cinnamon Raisin Bread, so let us know in advance and we’ll hold some just for you. Stop by and let us know what you’d like to order; or just give us a call at 606-783-0101
We are closed for Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Christmas but will be open on Wednesday November 25th and Wednesday December 23rd
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