Lunch today!

potato soup

Today for Lunch we are serving a Loaded Potato Soup as well as a Navy Bean w/ Ham


We also have Grilled Cheese Sandwiches; choose from Havarti; American Cheese; Chipoltle Gouda; Smokey Ghost Pepper Jack or Jalapeno Havarti on our Freshly baked White or Wheat bread.

Try our delicious chicken salad; it is made from scratch and put together by our chefs! Try it on a Croissant, mini Baguette, White or Wheat Bread

Fridays = Donuts!

Regular Glazed only 75 cents each
Donut holes: $1.25 per dozen (yes, really, only one dollar and twenty five cents for 12)9

Filled donuts are $1.25 each

Cream Filled
Apple Filled
Blueberry Filled
Cherry Filled

Chocolate Glazed Donuts only 95 cents each!

Thursday, November 12th – Lunch Specials

Today for lunch we are serving a Delicious BLT sandwich! We also have our loaded Potato Soup with cheese and bacon as well as Navy Bean with Ham

We have grilled cheese sandwiches, and today only you can add BACON to them for $1.25 extra.

Try our fresh chicken salad with toasted walnuts, grapes and celery on a croissant, mini baguette or white or wheat bread!



potato soup

October 29th Lunch Options at The Bakery On Main

That’s right! Right here in Morehead, Ky at The Bakery On Main you can come in on your lunch break and get a gourmet lunch!!!
Today we have a variety of options to choose from!
Soups: We are serving up our Broccoli and Cheese soup as well as a Creamy Mushroom soup, they are both paired with freshly baked baguettes. $5.99
Sandwiches In addition to our our
Grilled Cheese $3.99 and
Chicken Salad sandwiches $6.00;
we are also featuring an Applewood smoked bacon BLT with fresh vine tomatoes on our Fresh White or Wheat breads…$7.99
Right now we are baking a toasted poppy seed & onion braided Challah roll for our awesome roast beef sandwiches piled high with Boar’s Head Roast Beef, lettuce, tomato, purple onion and our own horseradish mayo. $8.99
And as always you can always pre – Order your chicken pot pie $5.25 for lunch by calling 606 783 0101; these pot pies take an hour to make so so call ahead now!





roast beef meme

Coming Soon:


Roast Beef sandwich on Fresh Baked Homemade Bun; we are making a horseradish mayo just for it….show us some love and likes! Share with your friends — let us know how bad you want it!

Lunch for Monday June 22nd

Chicken Pot Pies – Pre-Order your chicken pot pie, they take an hour to make, so let us know in advance and you can have a delicious hand made pie hot and ready when you want it!
Soups: Split Pea with Ham or a Spicy Broccoli and Cheese Soup We have Grilled Cheese and Chicken Salad Sandwiches as well.
Cheese Choices: Havarti; American Cheese; Jalapeno Havarti; Chipoltle Gouda; and a Smokey Ghost Pepper Jack (super hottt)11150147_459619694194970_4545435559802109443_n cheese chick salad 10153686_409014049255535_7483607187810153939_n

Potato Soup

We are serving one of our most popular soups today: Potato Soup! Served with a mini – Baguette and your choice of Cheese, Bacon, and/or Green Onions; grab a bowl before we sell out!potato soup